If you were looking forward to the rescheduled-but-again-cancelled ISWNE editorial critique in Reno this summer or you’ve always wanted to participate but been unable to attend a summer conference, here’s something you may be interested in.

Since the 2021 ISWNE summer conference will be held virtually July 14-17, we’re going to repeat what we did last year with the critique in an online format. However, we’re planning to do this prior to the conference in anticipation of the Thursday evening session on editorials on July 15.

We’ll conduct them much as we do in person – small groups of six to eight people who read and discuss editorial pages submitted by editors; facilitators will lead the sessions and each will work with his/her group to schedule the exercise in June or early July.

The sessions follow a longstanding ISWNE tradition. Editors, who provide the pages, and “civilians” – educators, retired editors, publishers, readers – participate in a roundtable discussion led by a facilitator. We’re proposing to use that same format for online sessions – two to three hours. Since we’ve been exchanging PDF pages in the past pre-conferences, we’d do that again but simply pivot to discussion in an online format. We’ll finalize logistics based on interest.

The first step is to see who is interested. If you would like to participate include that information on your registration form. It is essential you register for the critiques by May 28.

We’ll take the responses and create groups, assign a facilitator and send out instructions in early June. Once the groups are established, facilitators will work with their respective groups to schedule their Zoom sessions.

One reminder; this isn’t a “best of show” exchange; we typically ask for pages from three consecutive weeks to see a representation of what you’re doing. That enables all of us to learn from each other in helping strengthen our local editorial voices.

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