Members who are facing a tough decision about editorial policy, newsgathering issues, journalism ethics or any number of other topics can get almost immediate help from their colleagues via the ISWNE Hotline. Questions invariably receive quick, perceptive and informed responses, often from people who have encountered a similar situation at their newspapers.
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I recently received a provincial police report of a missing man in our region, along with his photo. I posted the photo and a short write-up on Facebook where it was viewed and shared over 5,000 times. When he hadn't been found after four days, police ramped up their search using helicopters…

We lost a major legal advertising customer: the city government that runs the 2k parcel town in which we operate has announced that it's moving its legals to a neighboring town's paper after we screwed up a legal, resulting from a COVID-related scheduling change with our legals rep.

We are looking for a good title for our social news column, where readers send us short items about their travels, visitors, etc. Anyone have a good idea?

We have a child abuse case that started out with some big charges against a parent of eight children. We finally got some information on the incident and it turns out some of what was reported is false and the charges have been downgraded. We are expecting the law enforcement report on Monday.

We had our first COVID-positive test over the weekend. And the reason I know who it is, is because the individual is a part-time staffer (3.5 hours a week, doing one of our two paper delivery runs to post offices and vendor locations). The person is totally asymptomatic, and was only tested …

I am working on our graduation section. We will actually have 3 separate tabs for graduation, one for each town. I was wondering if anyone has any layouts I could look at for inspiration?