Members who are facing a tough decision about editorial policy, newsgathering issues, journalism ethics or any number of other topics can get almost immediate help from their colleagues via the ISWNE Hotline. Questions invariably receive quick, perceptive and informed responses, often from people who have encountered a similar situation at their newspapers.
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I've been asked by a journalism professor about the impact of Dollar General stores on rural newspapers and rural areas in general. Do the stores advertise in local newspapers? Are they good community partners?

In late October, I wrote a long piece on a man who, as a dean at Vanderbilt University, was in a position to develop policy changes that made LGBT students a welcome part of the campus community and quelled a suicidal trend. K.C. Potter retired 20 years ago, lives in our community -- and was…

I had a wonderful interview I recorded and I’m getting it written up. The subject was a man from China who spoke broken English.

I need to do a better job of noting the sources from which I grab quotes that make me think. So, I can’t remember the article from where this quote originates, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the below comment. It is from some sort of journalism article. 

Has anyone been asked to sign an agreement that they won't reveal a source of information? I received that request today and the person asking was under the impression that newspapers have a form journalists sign that they won't disclose a source. I told the person in question that I would a…

In Florida it is legal to sell guns via classified ads in newspapers. I recently accepted an ad for a handgun as we have no policy against it, but wasn’t comfortable doing so. At the time the seller walked into our office, without giving his name, he seemed to be daring me to decline the ad.