If you edit a weekly with a circulation of 750-1,500, could you forward your advertising rate card to help decide on rates for my paper?

Blake Gumprecht, reporter

El Paso Times, Las Cruces, New Mexico


Is it brand new Blake?

That’s usually not very shareable info, but I can help in other ways/with ideas.

Steve Bonspiel, Editor/Publisher

The Eastern Door, Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada, 450-635-3050


Might be a new weekly, might be an existing one. I am considering a variety of options.

If people aren't willing to share a rate card, I understand, but would appreciate the help of anyone who is. I promise not to share any rate cards sent with other people. This is just for my information so I can see what's typical. 

Blake Gumprecht, reporter

El Paso Times, Las Cruces, New Mexico


We are a metro neighborhood monthly in Portland, Oregon.  Not comparable at all.  But our rates are hardly a secret – our rate card is online!  www.BeeRates.com.

Eric Norberg, Editor, Sales, Manager

The Bee, Southeast Portland, Oregon


I’m a little larger than your criteria, but happy to send you one if you want.

We often compare all of our rates (advertising, preprints, online, subscription) to other similar-sized products in similar rural settings.

Rates shouldn’t be a big secret, we print out hundreds of rate cards and hand them out to advertisers. I have no doubt some copies are in the hands of our competitors. It happens. We have many of our competitors’ rate cards.

I would check out the websites of smaller papers. Rate cards are often posted. If not, a friendly phone call can garner much of the info you need. Some will share their whole rate card, others will give you their open rate.

Wayne R. Agner, editor and publisher

The Trinity Journal, P.O. Box 340, Weaverville, California 96093-0340, 530-623-2055


My rate card is provided under the icon labeled Times-Sentinel.

Travis Mounts, managing editor

Times-Sentinel Newspapers, LLC, The Times-Sentinel | Haysville Sun-Time,Conway Springs Star & Argonia Argosy, East Wichita News | WestSide Story, 125 N. Main, Cheney, Kansas 67025, 316-540-0500, www.tsnews.com


We are a little larger than your target, but I hope this helps. We are located about 20 miles south of Iowa City.

Jim Johnson, Publisher/Owner

The News, 419 B Ave./P.O. Box 430, Kalona, Iowa 52247, 319-656-2273 (w), 319-310-9452 (m)


The 2019 Rate Card for The Dawson Springs Progress is available by clicking on the icon.

Melissa Larimore

The Dawson Springs Progress, Dawson Springs, Kentucky


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